Traditional Collection:
  • 16 gauge doors, frames and bottoms
  • 24 gauge tops, sides, backs and shelves
  • Standard with features that allow for easy and quiet operation.
  • Single to Six-tier configurations, also two-person, 16-person and wall-mounted.
Traditional Plus Collection:
  • Same standard features as the Traditional line. 
  • Plus Collection intended for more rugged applications. 
  • In single, double, or triple tier configurations.
  • 14 gauge doors
  • 16 gauge frame hooks with protruding padlock hasps.
  • Maintenance-free, single-point latching system.


Competitor Collection:
  • The ultimate in ventilation, visibility, strength and visual appeal. 
  • One through six tier configurations.
  • 14 gauge doors and
  • 18 gauge backs; all other components are 16 gauge.


Phenolic Traditional Collection:
Phenolic Traditional Plus Collection:
  • Same standard features as the Traditional line.
  • Traditional Plus Collection intended for rugged applications
  • Matching finish on sides and top for a finished look.
  • The material of choice when design flexibility, durability and strength are required.
  • Lockers are fabricated with dense components, stainless steel brackets and fasteners, stand up to extreme conditions of moisture and humidity.
  • Phenolic is impact, water and corrosion resistant, and does not support bacteria.
Phenolic Cubbies:
  • Cubbies are a great solution when non-locked, open storage is appropriate.
  • Ideal for preschools, day care centers, churches, office supply/mail rooms, laundry rooms, and retail outlets.
  • Kids love them being the right size for little hands and the right height to hang their backpacks and coats on their own.