PA0345 Soap Dispensers - Horizontal Liquid Soap Dispenser

Surface Mounted Horizontal Soap Dispenser

  • Capacity of 40 fluid oz. (1.18 liter) of liquid or lotion soaps, synthetic detergents and antibacterial soaps containing PCMX and/or Triclosan.
  • Dispenser fabricated of 20 gauge stainless steel, alloy 18-8, type 304.
  • All exposed surfaces are No 4 satin finish.
  • Valve shall be constructed of a plastic valve body and push button with stainless steel and plastic internal parts.
  • Valve operation complies with ADA Accessibility Guidelines by requiring no more than 5 lb sf (22.2 Newtons) pressure to actuate and require no grasping or twisting by operator.
  • A tamper resistant sight gauge shall be provided.
  • Unit shall have a hinged stainless steel refill door on top of unit, which is opened with special key provided.

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